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Bartley Physical Therapy earns top ratings from me after several months of treatment following an accident. I was assigned to Melinda who was consistently knowledgeable & well-prepared for each of my sessions. I looked forward to the training sessions because they were interesting and also because I trusted that I would be challenged but not pushed beyond what might result in reinjury.
R. Dekker - April 2021

Loved my experience at Bartley P.T. They are ALWAYS on time, provide excellent therapy and are very knowledgeable. I've been there many times over the past 5 years and the therapists that took care of me were GREAT. I highly recommend Bartley Physical Therapy to anyone that is in need of their services.
Irene - February 2021

Kelly is amazing! She helped me with various exercises and correct form to aid in my healing. So thankful for all of her help and guidance. All of the staff are so nice. Very clean facility. I highly recommend their services to everyone.
Amanda C. - January 2021

I have seen Nadine and Brad for lower back pain and they have helped me tremendously. The office is nice, friendly & professional. I always feel great after seeing them!
Michelle - 2020

Try them! The therapists are knowledgeable and friendly. The facility is very clean!
January 2019

Therapist was dedicated and took time to figure out my issues and knew what to try.  Therapist and facility were professional!
Patricia K. - November 2018

This was the best physical therapy experience I have ever had.  There was progress after every session!
Richard - October 2018

Nicole is a wonderful PT. I always felt well taken care of and VERY comfortable. She really knew what I needed. The facility is beautiful and clean. Always an enjoyable experience. Felt like I was at a spa!!
Marsha R. - January 2018               

Hunter got me back to 100%! No negatives
March 2018

Check it out! Therapists are helpful and listen and care. New facility is beautiful and useful.
Marcy K. - July 2017  

Everyone was super friendly and accommodating. Erin was fantastic to work with, listened and addressed all my needs. Facility is great! Tons of tools and resources.
Sarah H. - June 2015                      

Not crowded, plenty of room to work, variety of exercises. Great individual care and attention from Hunter. Great job!
Chris M. - July 2017

I looked forward to seeing Nicoles smiling face. Had a positive experince and highly recommend them!
Lynne H. - July 2017                          

I liked Melinda's expertise best - her knowledge, patience, and thoroughness. Excellent therapy - comfortable, thorough, friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and very competent staff.
Sharen S. - December 2016

Helpful, but not overly pushy - respected when I had a "really" painful day. With much care and understanding of my needs. Loved my therapists!
Loretta H. - December 2016

Brad is very experienced and a good listener. Very experienced and courteous.
Mark C. - November 2016

Therapists start at levels that you can initially be successful and then increase skill and physical activity.
Elaine A. - October 2016

Great office; Melinda was excellent and extremely attentive. Absolutely come here if you want individual and specialized care.
September 2016

I loved the friendliness of the staff and the feeling of continued progress each week in healing and comfort. The staff was compassionate and caring, in addition to being an efficient, well-organized facility.
Linda K. - September 2016

Thank you for your help! I learned a lot and can do all but some of the stretching exercises at the gym. My favorite part was learning new exercises. 
Gail H. - August 2016

This clinic provided one on one sessions with education provided by the physical therapist. I would say to anyone considering this facility that they are excellent.
August 2016

Everyone was very caring and considerate. Highly recommend going to Bartley, the staff is the best! 
Patricia S. - July 2016

Every time I arrived I was greeted warmly! The therapists knew my file; encouragement and challenge went hand in hand. The staff were very willing to share "their story" as a way of encouraging you to share your story ... appropriately!  Based solely on my experience - you should be the #1 site for PT in town! 
Scott M. - February 2015

What I liked best about Bartley Physical Therapy was that the therapist stayed with the patient during the entire session.  I would strongly recommended Bartley Physical Therapy to someone considering this facility.  
Stanley C. - June 2015 

Everyone is friendly, but truly best of all was Brad.  He knows to push and when to hold back.  He's always encouraging in a quiet way.  Go to Bartley Physical Therapy.  You'll be glad you did.  
Kathleen T. - July 2015 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you (Nadine) for the exemplary work you did with my patient. He has a severe soft tissue and bone injury involving the left foot and ankle and he has made an excellent recovery thus far. His recovery is due in no small part to your perseverance and professional excellence. Thank you again for all of your help.
Clyde O Harris III, MD
Orthopedic Surgery
Foothill Bone and Joint Surgery Group

I’ve been to other PT facilities. The physical therapist there spent little time with me and turned me over to a tech. At this facility Brad spent all the time with me. What a difference!
Libby M. - 2012

As a collegiate athlete playing soccer at CLU I suffered a serious injury to my knee. After multiple surgeries and many long hours at another PT clinic I had made little progress and clearly would be unable to play in my final senior year. When I came to BPT Brad gave me the treatment and attention I needed. He focused on my agility and strength and it because of him that I am able to successfully play this season! I can't thank you all enough!
Kristin C, Thousand Oaks - September 2012

I was astonished at the quick results of being able to walk again after my injury. I attribute this to the good work and care of my therapist Brad Woo-he is a true professional.
Nancy R. - July 2012

Never have I experienced a more positive individual (Nadine) whose objective is the return of your good health. Courteous and friendly staff, from receptionist to therapists, makes rehab a welcomed experience. The facility is immaculate and well maintained indicating a high standard of professionalism.
Bill R. - 2011


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