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Live Video Appointments


Get Started with Online Physical Therapy from Home!

While our clinic is open, and we are treating patients according to strict CDC guidelines and precautions, we fully understand that some of our patients may not feel comfortable leaving their homes just yet. But this doesn’t mean  we can’t help you keep up with your treatment plan, improve your level of function, and maintain a sense of normalcy at a difficult time. We continue to offer our LIVE Virtual One-on-One Video Appointment System that allows you to meet with your physical therapist without stepping out of your house.

Whether you need guidance and motivation with your ongoing treatment, or a consultation to look at a new injury, our highly-trained therapists at Bartley Physical Therapy are all available to you!

It's Just Like FaceTiming A Friend

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The BPT LIVE Video Appointment tool allows you to:

  • Stay in a safe space while getting the care you need
  • Continue your existing treatment or consult with a Physical Therapist to get started on a new course of treatment
  • Practice new self-treatment techniques developed by our therapists

Please fill the form below to leave your name and contact information, and Jenny, our office manager, will get in touch with you to set up your first virtual appointment. 

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